Re-imagining high streets and towns.

Re-imagining high streets and towns.

Insights and partnerships to meet the changing needs of places and spaces

The environment in which economic and place policy is developed is constantly shifting. We bring together evidence and new insights to inform economic and spatial policy development, evaluate impact and set investment and management priorities across all aspects of places and spaces.

We can develop robust place management solutions and investment plans to suit all aspirations, ensuring change can be implemented smoothly, in any location and at any time of operation. We bring our insight into governance and delivery challenges and an honest and authentic approach to partnership working to every project.

We deliver:

  • Night-time economy management and diversification
  • Local and regional investment plans
  • Place management delivery models
  • Business planning and modelling for complex developments
  • Place policy
  • Business sector growth plans
  • Impact measurement and impact modelling
  • Management and governance plans