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What do the UK political parties have to say about placemaking?

June 2024 | Dr Jason Frost

The publication of Reform UK’s manifesto on Monday 17th June saw the last of the main UK-wide political parties release their proposed legislative pitch to the national electorate ahead of the General Election on Thursday 4th July. Now whilst much of the commentariat have understandably tended to hone in on the respective political parties’ plans […]

Making the most of the Three Investment Themes

April 2024 | Matt Gwelo

The £20m endowment-style funding provided to Town Boards through the Long-Term Plan for Towns programme to allocate across three investment themes over the next decade represents a place-based approach to levelling-up which is forward-looking and agile in its approach. Whilst there is no requirement on how towns utilise funding across the three investment themes, the […]

What does art mean to you?

April 2024 | Lauren Gee

Many people think of art as painting, drawing – the visual arts you go to a gallery to see. But art is much more than that – its any object or experience that communicates an idea, an emotion, or a view of the world, and it can take many forms.  ‘Art isn’t just what we […]

Empowering Towns: Navigating Long-Term Plans and Local Authority Challenges

April 2024 | John Rigby

Completing a robust Long-Term Plan for Towns (LTPFT) submission to government in a relatively short space of time is very challenging. Allocating £20m of “endowment style” funding over a 10-year period, across a town, and split between three themes (Safety and Security; High streets, Heritage and Place; and, Connectivity and Transport) will require some tough decisions, […]

Meeting in the Middle on Net Zero

November 2023 | Kathryn Whitaker

The push to net zero is well and truly underway. Several hundred councils have declared a climate emergency. More than half of these have produced at least a sketch of a climate action plan for reaching the net zero ambition by some target date between 2030 and 2050. Now comes the much harder work of […]

EnviroNav: Illuminating Local Authorities Path to Net Zero

September 2023 | Stephen Walters

Over two decades Genecon has earned national regard as a trusted advisor to Local authorities, securing hundreds of millions of pounds for the delivery of transformational capital projects. In this time we have gained a deep insight into the real needs of our clients, and we have witnessed these needs shift and evolve. In 2023 […]

Making the case for a new Eden: Interview with Graeme Collinge

March 2023 | Hannah Mayo

In January 2023, as part of the Governments latest round of Levelling Up Funding, Eden Project North was announced as the flagship project. With an award of £50 million Eden Project North is destined to be a nationally important project that will transform both the landscape and economic fabric of Morecambe and indeed the wider […]

Maximising the wider benefits of place-based housing retrofit projects

February 2023 | Rufus Mitchell

Residential buildings are estimated to consume almost a third of the UK’s energy supply and be responsible for 16% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions (source). Since the 1990s the UK government has delivered a variety of large-scale housing retrofit programmes (and the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy supply) as a mechanism for achieving a […]

Understanding people to make places safe

January 2023 | Claire Chapman

Understanding crime, including where it comes from and how people engage with it is important. It helps us understand places and address issues that may arise from crime and how to prioritise safety.    Whether inside or outside, at home, or in the public domain, when people feel safe and not at risk of harm, they […]

Psychogeography, the missing link in ESG?

January 2023 | Dr Jason Frost

  Environmental, social and governance (ESG) represents a tripartite prism through which to take decisions, to capture value or to define a new corporate (or other) strategy. At its root it is about tackling the various externalities; structures or conditions, which serve to promote or reinforce an unequal or dominant form of control (however this […]