Supporting UK Places on their Long Term Plan for Towns

75 towns across the UK are set to undergo significant transformation, with each receiving a substantial £20 million funding allocation spread over the next decade. This funding presents a unique opportunity for strategic, long-term planning aimed at revitalising local communities. Each town will develop comprehensive plans aligned with residents’ aspirations and priorities, ensuring community involvement and ownership.

We do things differently from other place-based economic consultancies.

With a track record of excellence, we specialise in crafting compelling economic cases and providing unwavering support for securing UK government funding. We thrive on fully engaging with the environments in which we operate, gaining profound insights into their inner workings and aspirations.

Our Approach

  • Establish the confidence of the Town Board and client team so that we can guide and steer the development of a Long-Term Plan in line with DLUHC guidance.
  • Use robust economic and social data to identify local barriers and opportunities.
  • Identify and work with a range of stakeholders that represent the town to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities seen by residents, businesses and other local public and third-sector organisations.
  • Work with stakeholders and the Town Board to co-create an ambitious but realistic 10-year Vision and 3-year Investment Plan that addresses key local priorities and lays the foundation for future public, private and third-sector investment.
  • When required for ‘off-menu’ interventions, develop robust Outline Business Cases that demonstrate strategic fit, deliverability and value for money.

For a discussion about how we can help your town to develop its Town Investment Plan speak to us at: