EESG and EnviroNav

We bridge the gap between environmental goals, economic development and placemaking strategies. As the urgency grows towards sustainable living, we assist the public sector realise their environmental ambitions through:


  • Creating Net Zero Pathways: Our team helps Local Authorities analyse the multitude of available strategies and provide a comprehensive, tailor-made pathway to help regions transform their net zero ambitions into actionable plans. We have developed a EnviroNav that not only produces a prioritised pathway, but also helps facilitate the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the action plan.


  • Completing Evaluations: We assist clients in evaluating environmental sustainabilityinitiatives, policies, and programmes delivered. By drawing out what worked well, where there were challenges and the key lessons to be learnt, we ensure effectiveness and continued improvements to environmental strategies.


  • Green Sector Research & Studies: Recognising the potential of the green sector for local economic development, we perform research and carry out studies on economic opportunities. This allows for the incorporation of an environmental dimension to a holistic regional economic growth agenda

We assist with:

  • Providing bespoke advice along the entire “climate journey”
  • Baselining local carbon footprints
  • Analysing carbon reducing initiatives
  • Designing net zero pathways
  • Completing evaluations of environmental initiatives
  • Researching green sector growth opportunities
  • Integrating environmental goals with economic development
  • Devising environmentally focused placemaking strategies

Streamlining the path to Net Zero

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Unlock tangible progress towards Net Zero with EnviroNav

The leading local authority solution to facilitate Climate Change Programme teams in establishing impactful Net Zero pathways

Portfolio Development

EnviroNav’s advanced forecasting capability provides valuable insights into the potential impact of Net Zero interventions, allowing you to develop Portfolios for consideration, from which informed decisions can be made.

Monitoring & Evaluation

EnviroNav provides access to real-time data and analytics, enabling Local Authorities to monitor progress and evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of portfolios.

Optimised Decision Making

EnviroNav provides Local Authorities with a platform to make informed decisions and iterate portfolios along the journey to Net Zero.


At Genecon, we have recognised the urgent need for a purpose-built tool that helps Local Authorities navigate the challenging path to Net Zero. With the weight of sustainability targets bearing down, it’s crucial for authorities to have a powerful and comprehensive tool at their disposal.

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