EnviroNav: Illuminating Local Authorities Path to Net Zero

September 2023 | Stephen Walters

Over two decades Genecon has earned national regard as a trusted advisor to Local authorities, securing hundreds of millions of pounds for the delivery of transformational capital projects. In this time we have gained a deep insight into the real needs of our clients, and we have witnessed these needs shift and evolve. In 2023 Local Authorities face no greater challenge than the delivery of their Net Zero ambitions,  an undertaking that has implications for every facet of planning and operation, that requires new skill sets and new tools. In response, Genecon has adapted and evolved so that it may continue to serve and guide Local Authorities as the navigate the path to Net Zero.

In conversation with our client Local Authorities, Genecon has identified a deep need for a single, easy to use platform to provide an overview of their Net Zero portfolio, allowing for informed and responsive management from now and into the future. In answer to this need, the Genecon EESG team (Economics Environment Social Impact & Governance) have developed EnviroNav, a software tool purpose built for Local Authorities, empowering them to:

  • Set and adjust their year-on-year Net Zero ambitions
  • Curate and prioritise their portfolio of Net Zero interventions
  • Forecast how this portfolio will contribute to achieving their Net Zero ambitions
  • Monitor ongoing performance across the portfolio and respond dynamically to gaps

EnviroNav has been built to marry the highest standards of carbon accounting and forecasting (using methodology developed by the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research) with Genecon’s expertise in economic analysis. By bringing together environmental and economic analyses, EnviroNav is positioned to be the only Net Zero tool a Local Authority will need.

As of October 2023, after an extensive period of development and testing, EnviroNav is primed for launch to Local Authority clients. This is an exciting time for the Genecon EESG team, after a period of sustained research and hard work, we look forward to providing our Local Authority partners with a desperately needed accelerant along their pathway to Net Zero. Looking to the future, we are excited to grow a collaborative community of EnviroNav users as well as continuing to build on the tool’s utility by incorporating capacity to analyse the Social Impact of Net Zero interventions.

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