Assessing the Impact of Wales’ Largest Energy Retrofit Project

Penderi Energy Project Evaluation

In May 2023, the Genecon ESG team were engaged by the Pobl Group, Wales’ leading social landlord, to conduct a comprehensive performance evaluation of their flagship energy retrofit project.  The project was trailblazing in its approach and scope, representing the largest retrofit of its kind delivered in the UK to date. The evaluation involved both retrospective and forward-looking elements, for which a mixed-methods approach was used to fully capture the range of social, environmental and economic impacts, working in line with European Funding requirements.   

The project has seen more than 500 homes in a deprived Swansea neighbourhood retrofitted with high-performance PV cells, battery storage and smart energy management units. Its novel operational structure seeks to ensure that vulnerable tenants benefit from reduced energy costs, whilst landlords recoup their capital investment over the project’s lifetime.  

The initial phase of evaluation required an extensive collection of quantitative and qualitative data from a wide range of stakeholders, including key delivery partners and tenants, achieved through interview, survey and desktop research. 

Using operational data provided by the delivery team, Genecon were able to both assess the emission reductions achieved thus far and provide a forecast of ongoing reductions throughout the project’s lifecycle. From more than 300 tenant and 20 in person interviews, the Genecon team synthesized a detailed picture of the community experience. Our findings culminated in the production of a comprehensive report and were submitted to the European funding body to a tight deadline.  

Through the delivery of this project, Genecon has demonstrated its capacity to deeply engage with the most cutting-edge community-based net zero initiatives, applying the highest level of technical rigour in carbon accounting and exercising a broad and inclusive reach in its stakeholder engagement activities.