Unlocking Economic Growth:

Doncaster’s Low Carbon Sector Opportunities

Genecon was commissioned by Business Doncaster to answer a key question for the area:

“What opportunities are presented by Low Carbon sector growth and which green technology sub-sectors provide the best economic opportunities for Doncaster?”

Genecon carried out comprehensive evaluation of potential low carbon growth at a sub-sector level. The resulting report illuminated:

  • Strategic Context: What is the low carbon sector? What is the national and local policy context? How developed are individual sub-sectors and how do their supply chains operate currently and how will they in the future?
  • Doncaster’s Low Carbon Sector: What low carbon activity is currently being undertaken in Doncaster? In which sub-sectors is Doncaster well positioned for future growth?
  • Key Inward Investment Opportunities for Doncaster: What types of business could be attracted? What are their requirements? How likely is investment?
  • Barriers to Low Carbon Sector Growth: What are constraints on low carbon sector growth locally? • Overarching Strategy for Low Carbon Growth in Doncaster – How could the sector be supported locally to grow and attract businesses?
  • Recommendations for an Inward Investment Strategy: How should inward investment opportunities be prioritised to maximise low carbon growth locally?